Monday, March 26, 2007

joes valley

As i settle back into crappy ass-snowy colorado, i can't beleive my time in joes valley went so quickly. i was able to stay in joes for a little more than 3 weeks, but i feel like i blinked, and now it is over. the weather was nearly perfect on most days. raining only a day and a half, and rarely warmer than 65. I didn't send as many boulders as i had hoped, but i worked the hell out of some beautiful boulders that i really can't wait to get back and do.
brian capps, jemerson, and rolson were there the first weekend.

the #2 "fortress" is at the top of the left fork. I drove there every morning the first week, and rarely would i see another climber in either fork. "what the hell?"

The weekend brought more pysched friends, Jemerson returned with Angie. Also Camp, Kelly, Byron, Scott, and Kevin arrived. hell yeah...

moment of truth___>

kelly said "i'm getting mobbed up. and then she sent fingerhut whoa--wow. congrats!!!

camp turning the worm.

jemerson aint skeered
scott took time between stories of cuntor and hahnathons to show us this.

kevin with good style.