Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I have a few more images to share from upper chaos. last week i climbed with Kook and his crew(andy, patrick, jody and dave). Conditions were rainy and humid, but climbing with new people was fun. We stayed under the skipper roof for close to 4 hours while we waited out the storm, and then ended the day on the el jorge boulder. i managed to do the the far left el jorge near the end of the day despite the grease and onslaught of dead baby jokes.

Yesterday, i went to upper with kook and brick. Can't we all just get along? i found myself repeating. no not really. Fun times. we climbed on skipper roof for awhile. then i took a burn on skipper d, still unfinished. then we headed to a new boulder called future relic. this was put up by matt kennedy and highly advertised by kook. the boulder start on a good r hand, and l hand blocky undercut. good feet moving left to good but sharp edges. set up for a big throw to a pretty good hold l hand, come in easier move to a r hand side pull, and to the top. 7c. kevin is close. brick and I were not psyched. next to the aristocrat boulder. brick finished this boulder while it was raining, and the top was slick as shit. nice one brick! we ended the day at the green wall boulder. It was my first time seeing jade and all the other bad ass lines up there. i expected more from 1000 shades of green, but was blown away by the lines suicide seasons (proud chad), wild cats, and that new 8b arete. holy crap.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

more of the same

Whats up jerks? I have been on the run for the last couple of weeks. A non-climbing trip to yosemite is like being a diabetic in a candy store. painful but still enjoyable. I spent some time in Truckee with some close friends and some new friends. People who aren't OCD about boulders apparently spend their time wakeboarding, sailing, biking and the like. I joined in, and besides wrecking my good skin, it was fun. Back now to the object of my OCD. I spent a couple days in the park before going back to work. Conditions are getting much better, and im psyched for things to come. one of the problems im psyched on is jeff's problem, the aristocrat. below are images of ryan brazell working the moves.