Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blackhills Gold

This past weekend we headed to the Blackhills of SoDak. CAMP knows the area and gave us a great tour. despite the heat and ticks, everyone agreed it was better than expected and we had a great time.

Amazingly tick-free all weekend. Just a pup
Kona still only half listens.

"my fingers are wet, look at em'"

je king of town

je virgin martini

angie cruising another fun Gill problem.

Camp on homestar

angie sending black roughy

Camp OG beta on virgin martini

jason four on six?

ang sol vec deu

je sol vec deu

je sol vec deu

je sol vec deu -- a very nice boulder

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Over the last few days, I have enjoyed time with good friends in the mountains. The approaches have been somewhat epic, but holy crap those days were so fun and fulfilling.

OlSON on The centaur

SETH on The Centaur

SETH still on The Centaur
OLSON on Optimus PrimeJEMERSON on No More Greener GrassesOut of order but CAMP sends DALI sdsCAMP crushingOLSON close on Super GuiKevin fell off the slab on this thing!! holy crap!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Hueco Revisited

well, since my camera is getting a 2 month cleaning, and my finger is still healing--i have no new photos. Here I have decided to post a few pics from this past season.