Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The future realm

Well, as you might expect, or already know, Switzerland continues to amaze us. We have been here in the heart of this bouldering paradise for one month now. Our daily routine is out the door by 10, and rarely home before dark. Magic Wood is now added to the mix, and it is sometimes difficult to choose which amazing area to visit. We have not taken very many rest days in switzerland. Hard days and easy days, and the easy days become our rest days. The weather continues to be great, and when it does rain, we drive up some random valley and look at more amazing boulders. seriously, it is crazy. Boulders and faces everywhere. Today while driving around, jamie said hey olson, are there boulders over there on that hillside? olson replied, "yeah, but aren't there boulders on every hillside in switzerland?" umm yeah. the group is psyched to say the least.

Magic Wood

new baseline


coup de grace

arete with pocket

arete with pocket


ganymede takeover

marilyn monroe

As for my climbing, so far, the highlight for me is sending this beautiful boulder. Molonk is perfect for me. Such beautiful movement, at my limit. I am lucky to have been able to climb on it. So PSYCHED...


Bryan said...

Fuck JEAHHHHHHHHHH Pinto! Juiced for ya son on the realz! It's shit like this that makes not climbing so fuckin hard. Shouldn't be to much longer until I can try using both hands for a change, I did get a little taste in NM and honestly it feels damn good to bleed the tips again as morbid as that may sound!

Dropknee said...

Enjoying the updates Jason, keep 'em coming on the reg!

Kevin said...

Nice work on Molonk Pinto, so psyched for you, keep the sends coming.

LB said...

MD, that first pic, Magic Wood, looks very surreal, like you did some photoshop to it, altho i know it to be untouched. can't wait to see your HD videos. -LB