Monday, April 14, 2008

riverbed rolson

now, i'm not sure why the video quality looks so crappy condensed. the original footage is very nice. hopefully you will still enjoy the clip.


sock hands said...

nevar fear, pintoface: youtube, google, blogger... all these automatically reduce the quality of uploaded videos substantially from whatever goodness you've got shining forth beams of wicked visual pleasure on your harddrive.

word to rolson's crushing. he's sped up his slither-sloth tactics i see. normally, when climbing something that long, the time involved would have allowed the spotters to order, receive, and begin eating take out pizza before he got to the back breaker part of the climb.

Bryan said...

Yo PInto
Try uploading to Google videos, like JJ said. I think the quality is a little higher then that of youtube. Regardless I enoyed it! When you comin to the souf lands for a session?

sock hands said...

update !!!!!!!