Wednesday, February 6, 2008

totally blown away.

This past week, i had my first ever trip to the south east. Good friend, Ryan Brazell provided the means to make this trip happen for me. thank you ryan. anyways. holy crap. I had heard from others, but it doesn't set in until you see it for yourself. the south is amazing. We climbed in rocktown and hp40. The quality of the rock could not be any better. unfortunately, it rained, and we were able to climb for only 3 days. I guess thats the beef with the south. But the dry days were some of the most fun climbing i have ever had. I have some travel plans for the rest of this season, but next winter i will be most psyched to go back.


Bryan said...

with a post title like that maybe i should go check this shzznit out once I get going again.

pinto said...

i hope you get going again soon. yeah, if you haven't been to horse pens 40 "your missin' out in life."

Justin said...

Hey Pinto, glad to see you enjoyed the south. Now make sure you post up about Swissy. (By the way, this is Kevin's friend from Hueco).