Wednesday, February 27, 2008

we have boulders

Last Tuesday, Jamie, Angie, Rolson and myself started this amazing dream. The travel day was one of the longest days recorded in modern times. Once we finally landed in Paris, we drove our Peugot rentals 8 or 9 hours to our temporary home here in Claro,CH. Our friends Herman and Brian are staying one building over, and greeted us nicely by giving us a quick midnight tour of cresciano. and of course the Dreamtime boulder. The next morning we woke to stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the surreal life that the village "peasants" acted out. Now, each morning, we watch the neighbor and his son sift dirt, and tend to their garden.
The first climbing area we visted has super amazing rock. Apparently it is not cool to talk about on the web, but the area had several problems featured in the 'dosages'. frogger, black arete, vechia lione, cellar door, black mirror, etc.. wow! Also, in this same area lives molunk. "the best 7c boulder in the world" the physical beauty of this boulder is matched only by its beauty in movement. I have now done all the moves and hope to link it up soon.
Our first day in chironico, we met up with daniel. He continues to destroy difficult boulders with ease. I realize i am lucky to be a witness, and i gain much motivation from this. The rock at chironico is still very good, but more coarse and sometimes with crystals. it is ridiculous to be nit-picky, but for now, i prefer cresc and the other area. In a couple of weeks, the snow will melt, and magic wood will be in season.


Ryan Brazell said...

I'm glad you're having a good time and all, but I have one point of contention with your post. You and I both agreed, wholeheartedly, that Burst of Joy is the best v9 in the world. Please reconcile.

Bryan said...

dopeness comfimed!!!!!!! Have fun on your trip and keep the updtaes rolling.

sock hands said...


sock hands said...

editor's note/correction: 'left cave route sds' is the best v9 in the world.

sock hands said...

even after it has broken.... seven times.

pinto said...

brazell- with our beta i felt burst of joy to be hard 7b+
sorry for the confusion.

byron- wanting to rope up? you musta been high when you wrote that shit.

socks- you so crazy. i appreciate the psyche. keep it coming.

Bryan said...

Pinto, probably was, can't wait to see more pics of swizzy illness!